Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It has been a while...

Not that I have that much to say... but:

April 28- Anatomy Midterm Exam
April 30- Immunology Midterm Exam
May 2- Anatomy Lab ID Quiz
May 5- Physiology Exam
May 7- OTM Practical and Anatomy Lab ID Quiz
May 9- OTM Final
May 12- Med Micro Exam
May 13- Anatomy ID Quiz
May 14- Physiology Exam
May 16- Anatomy Exam
May 19- Med Micro Final
May 20- Immunology Final and Medical Spanish Final
May 21- Anatomy Written Final and Complete DOctor Final
May 22- Anatomy Lab Final Exam
May 23- Physiology Final

That adds up to 15 exams in 4 weeks. (Not counting quizzes and having class from 8-5 on most days on top of the tests.)
Grief. I am exhausted but see the light with only 3 days of testing left.