Saturday, March 29, 2008

"I have forgotten more than most people learn in a lifetime."

Another Saturday Night...

Studying Med Micro...

This is how I do it (The insane amounts of memorizing): I write everything out in order, sit myself in front of my 8x4 foot white board and read it over and over and over and make all of the connections that I can.

I have really come to appreciate what an analytical chem professor of mine in my undergrad meant when he said, "I have forgotten more than most people ever learn in a lifetime."

I have learned that at this point it is about understanding and recognition. I know what is going on and, when primed (AKA when someone is talking about something that I once learned inside and out...) I can pretty much drop back into autopilot and have a conversation with them about the topic. Recognition is key after understanding. (Except that there is little or no understanding in med micro...)

P.S. Each of the photos horizontally represents about 2-2.5 feet on my 8 foot board that is usually covered COMPLETELY at least once a week.

Good strategy if I might say so myself.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Balance is the goal in every life.

These last few months have been about learning how to balance again. Balancing family, school, health, sleep, church, extracurricular endeavors, and sanity. The last month and a half have been particularly challenging.

We completed a stretch of 18 assessments and exams in 5 weeks before finishing up last quarter. It was incredible.

Not only was it mentally challenging, but it was taxing otherwise. I think that every parent that is in medical school has the same thoughts about life and family. These thoughts consist of thinking about if you are actually there enough for your spouse and kids. Sometimes this gets intermingled with guilt as the kids are acting up or things are otherwise tough at home.

It makes me wonder if I am doing enough for them at home. If I am spending enough time with them. How will my boys remember me? Loving, caring, attentive?

Sometimes it goes beyond just time at home or with the family. It is sometimes a battle to keep my mind present when I am physically present. Oftentimes I get caught or catch myself not paying sufficient attention to conversation details and/or not giving sufficient credence to familial happenings. Sometimes my wife must feel as though she is talking to a space cadet. Hopefully she (or my boys) never feel as though I don't care.

At the same time, I am learning and stretching with more and more responsibility and the same amount of time each day. It feels good. It also feels good the see the successes and the good things and see them continuing.

Oh yeah, and I will make sure that I am there for the boys and my wife regardless of anything. Hopefully they will feel that way throughout and after this madness.

#1 Post

Now that I am starting this blog I guess that I can't make fun of my wife as much as I used to for doing her blog.

I was just thinking that this would give me some incentive to think more about the million (plus or minus a couple) things that are going on in my life, my family, and my head.

I also thought that it would give me some incentive to think on the bright side when I am up to my ears in garbage so that I can look back on myself as an optimist. (Even though that is not always the case...)

That said, I am a father of 2 boys, have been married for 4 years, and am currently a first year osteopathic med student.

My oldest is currently nearing 3 years old and my youngest is about 7 months.

As if that wasn't enough, I am the VP for the medical school peds club, am a Court Appointed Special Advocate, teach 4-5 year olds Sunday School, play intramural racquetball, and am training for a 1/2 marathon (If the body and the schedule permit... the last 8.5 mile run I did just about did me in...)

My goals are simple... Succeed at everything:

1. Have a great family life.
2. Become the best doctor I can be.
3. Give back everything that I can to the community and others.
4. Have some fun while I am at it.

That might sound a bit lame... but that's me... lame...